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THE RIGHT TRACK - April 2023 Newsletter

Updated: May 3, 2023


CONEX 2023

Conex 2023 was a big success. With a record breaking crowd for this year's show everyone was busy. It was great to see all the activity, not only for our booth but for our neighboring booths as well. All vendors were pleased not only with the volume of prospects, but the quality of prospects as well.

Pictured Left to Right:

Alec Hickox

Director: North America

Yonggu Rubber

Sandra Teng

Europe Sales

Yonggu Rubber

Mark Yu

International Export Manager

Yonggu Rubber

These three manned the ZC Rubber Booth every day of the show from start to finish. Needless to say, it was a long week and one well worth it.

CONEX 2023 ZC Rubber Booth Featuring our ARISUN brand rubber tracks, West Lake Construction and Industrial tires as well as out Tianli brand Forestry, OTR and Agricultural tires.



Yonggu Rubber Track Factory has added another factory for rubber track production. With the addition of our new factory combined with our Hangzhou factory we have increased production capability to 600,000 rubber tracks per year.

We had many enjoyable nights with our outstanding customers. This was a fun dinner with customers at Jasmine in The Bellagio.

This may look like a simple picture of three people having fun but in reality, this was a big reunion. The two men pictured here together pioneered what is today's rubber track industry. On the left is David De Waele, formerly or Solideal and now Michelin. On the right is Alec Hickox, also formerly with Solideal and now with Yonggu of ZC Rubber. These two men spent countless hours working together developing the rubber track industry from its’ infancy. Designing, testing and redesigning and testing again. These two men have put hands on almost every known type of rubber track machine in the world today. 60 years of development and counting between the two of them.



For many years Yonggu has been known as a premier CTL track manufacturer. This has never been more evident than now. Boasting the lowest claims rate in the industry, Yonggu CTL Tracks are quickly becoming a preferred source for the OEM and OEM aftermarket.


Our TIANLI Brand tires by ZC Rubber are being manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Thailand. These tires have quickly become the go to for Forestry, OTR and Agricultural uses. Our booth was overrun with enthusiasm for these very high quality products by ZC Rubber.


This young man and future customer enjoyed his break taking a rest in our West Lake brand 23.5x25. I’d say he was taking a well-earned break after marching around this massive convention.


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